LiveFree offers Christ-centered recovery and inner-healing based on the 12 Step Programme.

This meeting is held every Tuesday.

If you have had issues with addictions, abuse, trauma, co-dependency, low-self esteem or have grown up in a less-than-nurturing environment or just want to deepen your relationship with God and know what it is to live in fullness and freedom then this group is for you!

It is a programme which is open to anyone to join for the first 4 weeks in which you will learn about what to expect, then the group will not take any new-comers so as to bond as a group and build up trust. After the completion of the 16-week programme, another group will begin.

We are aware it can be daunting coming to a new group so arrangements can be made to meet before the group begins and accompany you to the first meeting.

If you would like to attend please either call or email